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At The Haven, your massage session will be tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Modalities offered include:

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    Swedish Massage

    Long, continuous, soothing strokes that promote better circulation, lymph flow, and a deep relaxation.

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    Deep Tissue Massage

    Once tension in your superficial muscles has released, we can increase our pressure to access deeper muscles that tend to be a challenge to reach. Our massage philosophy is that your treatment should be relaxing, nurturing, and enjoyable ... not painful. By starting your treatment gently, we get your body's permission to go deeper, which enables us to access these deeper structures without causing pain.

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    Russian Medical Massage

    Russian Medical Massage is based strictly on the principles of body energy flow, the human anatomy, and physiology. Our specific modality is the V-Method, created by Vladimir Bogatov, MD, and is highly effective in pain relief.

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    Hot Stone Massage

    Using hot stones during a massage session helps your muscles to release tension, promoting a deep state of relaxation and well-being. It's the perfect solution when you have muscle tension and need to de-stress. 

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    Integrative Reflexology®

    Integrative Reflexology® uses whole-hand strokes to stimulate reflex areas on the feet and hands, taking you to a state of deep relaxation. 

    Integrative Reflexology®

    • Improves digestion and reduces constipation
    • Supports sinus drainage and clears mucus from the lungs
    • Alleviates premenstrual symptoms
    • Reduces muscular tension throughout the body, including the neck, shoulders, hips, gluteals, and back
    • Reduces swelling in the feet and lower limbs, which results in greater range of motion
    • Cleanses fluids through increased kidney function and urination, and 
    • Elicits an overall sense of well-being
    • Can induce labor contractions for full-term babies (The Haven will only perform this session with the approval of your doctor.)
  • Aromatherapy

    Your therapist can add a drop of an essential oil of your choosing to boost your massage experience. 

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    Coming Soon: Pregnancy Massage
  • neural reset therapy lower.webp
    Coming Soon: Neural Reset Therapy


Custom Massage Sessions with Debra RichardsonChoose the length of the massage you want, and Debra will customize your session using the combination of modalities that suits your individual needs and preferences.

30 minutes - $49
60 minutes - $99
90 minutes - $139
120 minutes - $189

Couples Therapy Massage Class Series

Learn the basics of giving a full body massage to your loved one
Couples Therapy Massage Class Series

In our Couples Therapy massage class you can expect to learn the same massage techniques The Haven uses to turn clients into enthusiastic fans of their work. You will learn to massage better, firmer (without exhausting yourself), more gracefully and intuitively in your own home. 

  • Couples Therapy 1: Back, shoulders, neck, and scalp in prone position
  • Couples Therapy 2: Arms, hands, legs, and feet
  • Couples Therapy 3: Additional techniques for back, shoulders, and head/face tension relief in prone and supine position

We highly recommend purchasing all three classes to learn to give a fantastic full body massage for your loved one. 

Handouts are included as a reference after our class time together. Each 2-hour class includes 30 minutes of instruction, and 30 minutes for each participant to have hands-on training with their partner. The additional 30 minutes is reserved for transition times on and off the massage table, and for questions following the training & hands-on time. Additional time may be purchased for the training session if desired. Please email Debra Richardson at for details. 

While our classes do require two people, and have a high number of romantic couples who schedule, attendees do not need to be romantic partners. Anyone interested in learning the enviable skill of giving an excellent massage is welcome to schedule a private class with a friend or family member.

  • Couples Therapy 1 - $325

    Get the foundational training to nurture your partner with an outstanding upper body massage. In this session we will cover:

    • Basic massage strokes
    • How to deliver sustained, adequate pressure during massage without hurting yourself
    • Massage techniques for back, shoulders, neck and scalp with your partner face down on the massage table
    • Hands-on training for both participants
  • Couples Therapy 2 - $325

    A good massage becomes great when all areas of the body receive the care and attention they need. In this session we will cover:

    • Basic musclature of arms and legs
    • Basic massage strokes for the arms, hands, legs, and feet while your partner is both face down on the massage table (prone), as well as face up (supine)
    • Applying adequate pressure and where too much pressure is contraindicated
    • Hands-on training for both participants 
  • Couples Therapy 3 - $325

    To round out your training, this final session will tie in all you have already learned into a well-rounded full-body massage. In this session we will cover:

    • Additional techniques for back, shoulders, and head/face in both prone and supine position
    • Strategies to help with headaches and shoulder tension
    • Resources to further your interest in massage
    • Hands-on training for both participants
  • Advanced Couples Therapy - $325

    This fourth session comes by request. If your memory of our previous sessions is foggy or you just want to ask more questions, this consultation will refresh your memory and boost your confidence in giving your loved one an outstanding massage. Because this Level 4 class is by request, it will be created to address the specific areas of interest to you and your partner.

  • Couples Therapy Package A - $900

    This package includes three 2-hour in-home sessions as described in Couples Therapy 1, 2, & 3. 

  • Couples Therapy Package B - $1400

    This package includes three 2-hour in-home sessions as described in Couples Therapy 1, 2, & 3, a massage table with one set of linens, massage oil, a book with the complete massage routine and techniques, and an outstanding book on proper stretching.

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